CAAN Tech gives you the ability to build virtually any design style

CAAN Technologies is the Manufacturer of India’s First Proprietary CO2 Laser Tube

CAAN Technologies is the pioneer of CO2 Laser tube manufacturing in India with a commitment to be the industry standard in service to our customers. CAAN Technologies is a high-tech manufacturing framework focusing on laser technology, and aims to be a forerunner with cutting edge standards, products and customer satisfaction.

We believe to empower the community through technology and consistent innovation.

Reusable stable laser solutions, to enable sustainable growth of the laser industry.

Reusable Stable Laser solutions, to enable sustainable growth of the laser industry.

Discrepancies in availability and authenticity has ruptured the sustainability of laser industry in India.

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Laser manufacturers

High Precision Engineering

With the industry best professionals and equipment, and numerically controlled processes we make sure each product is made to perfection.

Easy Maintenance

All of our products follow strict design for assembly and maintenance, hence reducing the need for often troubleshooting.

Tailored Solutions

With 10+ years of experience in laser technology, we partner with you to solve all your laser needs.

Quality Is Not Expensive

Right from raw materials to delivery we offer the industry best quality, all in a competitive pricing.

Why Choose CAAN Tech

Our Products

J Series CO2 Laser Tube

The J Series is the pilot product series of CAAN Technologies, that is classified under the low power spectrum.

The J series houses a novel alloy based resonator cavity holder that provides excellent heat transfer properties similar to the hard German borosilicate glass.

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M Series CO2 Laser Tube

The M series is classified under the medium power output series of CAAN Technologies.

The M series is highly reliable and performance oriented with special CVD catalyst coating to improve the efficiency of the resonator cavity.

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MX Series CO2 Laser Tube

The MX series is classified under the high power output series of CAAN Technologies.

The MX series are a special type of laser product that is characterized by a sturdy multi-fold design framework coupled with extreme energy levels.

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Laser Accessories

At CAAN technologies we also deal with two types of laser optics:

  1. Laser Reflective Mirrors
  2. Focus lenses

These laser optics are crucial components for the effective functioning of optical processing machines such as laser cutting/engraving machines and other laser processing equipment.

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